Will We Survive 2012

Every major source of knowledge from Einstein to NASA, Worldwide religions, Mayan cultures, Nostradamus, they all agree that in 2012 something HUGE will happen.

I see it everywhere, 2012 Armageddon. I can't get through the line in the grocery store without a tabloid headline popping out at me. A stroll through Barnes and Noble and you'll undoubtedly see a few books on the subject along the center tables. The Discovery Channel and the History Channel have both been running pretty heavy programming on the subject lately.

Frankly it scares me, and I wonder, will we survive 2012? From the anticipated Pole Shift, to the unstoppable Solar Flares expected to amass and kill our planet when Planet X makes its way through our solar system in December of 2012. I'm in awe that there isn't a worldwide plan to study the phenomena. Just recently Russia and the UK made public all of their UFO files. Yes, it seems we have been visited from other species. It's hard to fathom because our daily lives are filled with quaint comfortable routines of driving our fancy automobiles to pick up Starbucks on our way to our jobs living paycheck to paycheck {that we pray we don't lose}, having fast-food for lunch, going home and living it up with alcohol and our friends on the weekend, like nothing is wrong here. Not a lot of us out there are digging and asking the right questions about what is going on! Like, will we survive 2012?

What can we do? Can we prepare? I've heard stories in the media recently of coffins being stockpiled in Georgia, Arizona and Texas. Of concentration camps being set up by FEMA all over the United States. I wonder just what type of disaster or social uprising our government is anticipating, preparing for so quietly behind the scenes.

What's the resolution to all of this scary information? I'd say it is to be informed, and use logic and reason. I've been stockpiling food, vitamins, water and medication for months. I've also been letting go of a lot of the physical things that tie me down, especially to a specific location. Mainstream media keeps us well fed with a daily dose of propaganda. I call it dumbing down America. Not to mention what they are putting in our food, water and vaccines. They want us to buy more of X and Y and fuel our continual spiral into debt, calling this "stimulating the economy". Looks to me like it should be called "needless consumerism".

How will we survive 2012 when the government is keeping us in the dark on the facts about what to expect? Americans deserve to know the truth. That's why I've pulled my head out of the sand, and am keeping the pulse on this one. This may all be nothing and we may all be worried for nothing, but the evidence warrants more than a lackadaisical attitude. The truth about 2012 must come out! We must demand to know the facts, so we may protect the ones we love, before it's too late.

By: Beverly Beach