Uncovering The Ufo Saga

The night sky sure is a beautiful sight that has stars shining throughout the night and the moon radiating like never before. As you relax and watch the sky in a cold night and wonder about the various kinds of stars and planets that exist in the galaxy like us, one particularly interesting thought does cross your mind and you end up wondering about life on other heavenly bodies and whether there is any fact on the concept of the UFO.

A UFO or an unidentified flying object is really an incredibly vague name for something that strikes a whole lot of curiosity. These objects have long been doubted and trusted by various members of our own society and we too have formed our own opinions on the things we have heard and seen. While UFO pictures might leave you a little cold on your feet and scared about a possibility incase you encounter them, they might as well be just the figment of some bored man's imagination that the world is apparently following.

Since centuries the fundamental of these aliens has mystified us and we keep on searching for answers about these creatures that might just give us a visit from the sky. While a lot of explorers doubt about the origins of the pyramids and how we humans could create such a structure in such a primitive age, many scientists also disbelieve claims of UFO sightings that have been repeatedly confirmed by individuals who claim to have been abducted for human experimentation. Another UFO affair that has constantly come back to haunt our minds is the Roswell, Mexico episode every time there is any talk about aliens.

Moving away from aliens and looking at the various theories around the 2012 doomsday, we have looked at the Mayans and their calendar ending in 2012 for answers on whether our race will be destroyed by collisions with comets and planets or by a polar shift that will give rise to earthquakes and tsunamis. Even in such a scenario we haven't forgotten the aliens and many theories do collide here about the occurrence of an unknown planet to cross our path in 2012 that will have a highly civilized race of aliens that will wipe us off to extinction. The concept of the UFO here then no longer just invites our curiosity but also creates an immense scare.

Another topic that has arisen due to talks about extinction of our race and our planet is about life after death and what will happen to us. While the stories of ghosts, spirits and the paranormal have filled our story books, movies and novels since as far back as we can imagine, the concept of the after life is little known and the fear of what aliens will do to us increases consequentially. Keeping all these theories in mind, it is essential to realize that there are no concrete facts in front of us that should cause any concern about what the aliens could bring about in the near future.

A UFO might amuse us, amaze us and interest us in various ways and reports of their sightings are going to keep on captivating our minds. While this is a fantasy situation that might keep you wondering more about this topic, for the time being you can go back to bed and not think about the mysterious lights that have been blinking in the night sky.

By: Tridoodoo Tridoodoo