Aliens And Humans Genetically Related??

Is it possible that humans have a genetic history with aliens? And could this explain claims of UFO sightings and alien abductions all these years?

Have we thoroughly researched the possibilities that may explain the void in our evolutional history? And if so, how accepting would we be if the results revealed the unthinkable? Some of us would absorb the possibility with an open mind while others, moulded from the schooling of beliefs would dispose of this without question.

On the other hand however, it is believed and written that something very unusual interfered with the evolution of Homo sapiens. And it is stated that 30,000 to 10,000 years ago the unexplained arrival of a new kind of man took place. Where they came from at the time of course was never considered. But this modernized man lived and evolved along side our Neanderthal ancestors inter-breeding with them. They were called the Pleiadians, a name most of us have never heard of.

Nevertheless, their genetic structure was similar to ours and given the fact their intelligence was more advanced, this interbreeding give Man-Kind a jump start into their future. Is this hard to believe, Not so.

This of course was only the beginning of things to come which would eventually lead up to how we came to be as we are now and how we will evolve from here.

UFO's and Aliens do exist

Let's revert back to the presence of UFO's and alien abductions. It is no doubt that too many sightings and strange occurrences have happened and proof has been revealed. On the contrary though, we're led to believe all the reports bear no conclusive evidence.

So what defines conclusive evidence? Is it the original discovery converted into a confidential report or file? Or is it revised facts that are drawn up in a document and released to the public leaving the original report underexposed?

Is it possible that the truth lies hidden beneath all the democratic red tape to filter us from what is really going on? And if the truth were to be known, are we ready to accept it on a rational level? And have we achieved the level of intellect to condone possible relations aliens may be having with our leadership figures?

A topic such as this would draw the attention of many and thorough studies do not need to be done to answer the underlying questions we all ask.