Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Ultimate Optimus Prime towers over other transformer action figures making this action figure stronger and more powerful in every way! Also the large size allows it to carry the miscellaneous weapons with ease and style. Ultimate Optimus Prime transforms into three modes; the power up mode, the robot mode and the trailer mode. In the robot mode you get the most articulation. The head of the action figure can rotate a whole 360 degrees, arms can rotate as well and hands can fold, the legs go up and down and the knees can bend even the swivel waist can make a full rotation. Hasbro has really done well with meticulous detailing and with complete articulation; the action figure can strike many different poses.

To transform it into the trailer mode you have to do a lot of aligning and pegging which may not be easy for a child; especially the leg part is a bit tricky. However with the guidance from the instructions manual and by watching videos on the internet, it can be accomplished. As a vehicle it rolls pretty well on both carpeted as well as hard surfaces.

In the power mode the Ultimate Optimus Prime can extend to a full twenty two inches. The trailer converts to the Omega Combat Armor and the Optimus Prime fits into it. It looks pretty formidable with every inch of the warrior in armor. In the power mode, the articulation is a bit restricted. The legs cannot move but they can spread wide apart; there is little movement in the arms but the head can rotate fully. You can position the wings the way you want; either extending them all the way up or keeping them down. The wing span is enormous when fully extended. In the power mode the weapon is stored at the back but you can bring it forward over its head to form an awesome cannon. The cannon has three buttons; two on both sides and one in the center. If you press the button on the left, the missiles on the sides fire, by pressing the button on the right the missile in the center activates and if you press the central button the figure responds by saying "I am Optimus Prime". The flashing red weapon lights, missile launching sounds and the thundering battle sounds make the Optimus Prime a very exciting toy for children.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime is meant for children aged 5 years and above. It will also make an ideal Christmas gift for those of all ages who love collecting transformer action figures.

By: TechGuru