The Best Ufo Conference Abduction Stories

There are many great alien abduction cases which I have heard at my nearest ufo conference down the years but two stand out above the others.

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction story was the first ever abduction story the interest of the media. A book soon followed a movie called "The Interrupted Journey" and an appearance at a ufo conference. The Hills had problems sleeping after the incident and had frequent nightmares, but it wasn't until they sought therapy for their sleep problems that their story came to light.

As they retold their experience during the regression hypnosis sessions, the therapist tried to seek mundane explanations for their encounter but both of the Hills recounted the same experience and could not be moved from their alien abduction story.The hypnotic regressionist was stunned as the couple both described their encounter with the small beings which led them into their craft. However, although the couple described the same encounter, the emotional effect on each was quite different.

It was Betty Hill who was most intrigued by her encounter and remembered asking her alien hosts which star system they had come from. They showed her and she drew a map of their star system under hypnosis. This was easily dismissed at the time as being pure imagination. It wasn't until about 30 years later that an astronomer claimed at a ufo conference to have found the star system which Betty Hill had drawn. He named Zeta Reticuli as the system which the beings had come from. The system does not however match Betty's drawing exactly and is therefore dubious.

Barney Hill had a much more unpleasant encounter than his wife. He was terrified of the alien beings and of their invasive "medical" tests. Throughout his hypnotic description, he wanted only to get away from these strange beings.The encounter which Betty and Barney Hill has back in the 60s probably remains the most important ufo conference case ever even though 50 years have now elapsed and many more abductions have occurred.

The second famous alien abduction encounter which I often hear told at the ufo conference is the case of Travis Walton. The incident occurred in November 1975 when Travis and his work colleagues were heading home after a hard day's work and encountered a UFO. Travis was curious and got out to have a look. The other crew members screamed at him to head back to the truck but could only watch in horror when a greenish light shot out the underside of the UFO craft, hitting Travis and knocking him backwards to the ground. Petrified, they fled area only to return a while later to find that Travis was not there. Travis recalled this part of the encounter at a ufo conference in the 1990s and the tension in the air was amazing.

The local police force were very unhappy with the crew's story of the events surrounding Travis's disappearance and suspected another motive. However, the crew all undertook lie detector tests and passed. The police's case collapsed in dramatic fashion when Travis suddenly called his brother from a local gas station and asked to be picked up so he could go home. He kept mentioning beings with big eyes on the way to his parent's house. Travis thought that only a few hours had passed and was shocked to find out that he had been away for five days.

He hadn't shaved for days and was a lot lighter. His hypnosis session detailed his account aboard a spaceship that included both the typical "Grey" aliens about 5 ft. tall, and humanoids who didn't want to communicate with him but motioned for him to follow them. An oxygen type device was positioned on his face, and Travis lost consciousness. When he came around, the craft was hovering over the roadway near the service station, and when it zoomed off, he rang for his brother to come.

One of the most amazing features of Travis Walton's incident and one which was obvious at a recent ufo conference, is the personality changes of both Travis and Mike Rogers. Travis now talks much more quietly than he did. He doesn't seemed bothered if sceptics have doubts about what happened to him. His previously introverted brother-in-law, Mike Rogers, is now the person upset by those who make light of Travis's experiences.