Successful Site Optimization Through Efficient Keyword Research Tools

Recently, has displayed a somewhat interesting logo depicting a UFO abducting the "O" on its name. Those who have noticed the logo started to wonder why showed the logo. Usually, this happens when Google is commemorating an important historical event or is about to launch a new product. What's even more interesting about the logo was the fact that it was linked to a Google search for the search keywords - "unexplained phenomenon". Even more interesting was the fact that during the time when the unexplained Google logo phenomenon showed up, the hottest search trends on Google zeitgest was, you guessed it right - "unexplained phenomenon".

Soon there after the buzz became viral. Many technology blogs wrote about it. The Telegraph scooped the headline and other sites linked to the Telegraph as a source for the keywords "unexplained phenomenon". Hence, the Telegraph's article comes up first in the SERPs for the said keywords.

But what if the Telegraph or Google were just working together on an experiment to see how fast a particular page would rank up higher in Google SERPs for some pr-determined keywords, in this case - "unexplained phenomenon"?

From an SEO worker's perspective, such unexplained phenomenon is a work of art. An ingenious way of utilizing the power of SEO as applied on a chosen keyword.

But the question is how do you select the keywords which you would want to optimize for your sites?

Enter the various keywords tools. And when I say keywords tools, I mean professional developed and marketed keywords tools by search engine professionals. These keywords tools tracks the most searched terms and phrases on all the major search engines. Some of these keywords tools will even give you the number of times a particular keyword or key phrases were searched for. You can select which keywords or key phrases you would want to use.

Once you have selected the right keywords that you are going to use for your sites optimization, you can now start researching about these keywords and particularly how your competitors are using them. Employ the services of search engine and keyword research companies such as It will give you a comprehensive analysis of the market competition for those keywords.