Remote Healing - No Permission Needed

Whether we describe the healing arts as psychical or spiritual, all healing through prayers, meditation, visualization, channeling, etc... fall into the category of spiritual healing.

Spiritual healings are a special case of communication between a healer and their subject. The way this works is that the healer visualizes the healing for the subject and the subject then accepts the energy and imagery sent to them by the healer. The subject may then respond by healing themselves. The healer provides only two things, energy and imagery, the rest of the healing work is done by the subject themselves.

However, spiritual healing will only work if the subject's best interests are served by being healed. If the subject has reservations about being healed or doubts regarding the practice of spiritual healing then there may be only limited success, or the healing may appear to have entirely failed.

Some healings may begin early in a subject's life and may not manifest any noticeable results until much later depending on circumstances. The subject may need to acquire the spiritual discipline to learn how to accept the influence of the healer or the subject may have a life lesson tied to their problem which has priority over their apparent wellbeing. Either of these circumstances may delay or disguise the initial result or benefit of a healing.

It can be difficult for a subject to overcome their doubts or reservations about spiritual healing. While our world is full of examples of spiritual healing and testimonials, there are also charlatans about who spoil the art for profit. One keystone of any true spiritual healing is you never have to pay for it. The true spiritual healer reaps their reward through the act of healing. If after a subject is healed they choose to offer the healer some additional reward, then that is between the subject and the healer and the healer may accept or refuse whatever is offered.

Aside from a general doubt or skepticism based on a fear of deception a subject may have reservations based on their religious upbringing or beliefs about the nature of reality. Some religions frown on some types of spiritual healing, perhaps because of competition or mistrust of the source of the healing power. If they cannot clearly attribute that power to god then they may proscribe it, and such a proscription will make it difficult for some subjects to accept a spiritual healing. A subject's belief systems must allow for the possibility of being spiritually healed for a healing to be effective for them. If there is some conflict of beliefs the subject will have to study the issue until they can resolve any doubt or skepticism and accept the reality of spiritual healing as part of their world view.

A subject who is genuinely open minded, with an open heart who is ready to heal has very good prospects of successfully being healed after finding a spiritual healing practitioner.

One of the wonders of the internet is that you can meet some pretty amazing people who may not advertise their spiritual healing abilities but who may just send a subject the energy they need with no strings attached. Often their may be some dialogue between a subject and a healer the subject has found on the internet whereby it is acknowledged that the healer will send them their energy, and typically there are still no strings attached.

A healer who tries to exact a price for healing often puts themselves in a poor situation where they may do themselves more harm than good. Genuine psychic or spiritual healers understand this principle and have faith that their rewards will come without having to ask their subjects for anything.

Distance healing or remote healing works because there is really no distance involved at all; this is because a spiritual healing occurs between two spirits who communicate outside of space-time and can therefore communicate to one another regardless of their incarnate place or time. Any distance perceived between the healer and the subject is irrelevant in the context of the connection that is made between their eternal spirits.

One of the great boons of the internet is that we can now know specifically when someone anywhere in the world can benefit by our attention, devotion and care. It can be hard to make a specific healing connection with someone when we have no 'spiritual address' to channel our healing, love and nurture through, but our messages to one another are enough to initialize such a connection. Our own words are far better at creating a connection for spiritual healing than a word of mouth relay. By reading one another's words we have a direct window into each other's minds and souls. Perhaps it's not as good as speaking on the phone or face to face, but in one way it is better.

When we write we have the time to edit and make clear choices about the words we use to express ourselves to our best advantage. So I think the internet is going to go a long way to helping anyone who cares or who requires care to come together and heal.

Many spiritual healing traditions say that we must ask the subject whether they may want to be healed and get their permission to heal them. However, this simply is not true. The asking and permission do take place, but they are handed on the spiritual level and we need not be concerned about any formal asking or permission in regard to the incarnate form of the subject.

The reason we do not need to ask permission is that it is the nature of healing and all spiritual work that no harm is ever done. If harm is perceived there is a misunderstanding somewhere, we are incapable of harming one another when we act from a spiritually centered place.

Any actions from a place in which we are not spiritually centered will be of no consequence because our spirits naturally adjust and compensate for whatever energy or imagery we may send or receive, such that we always give or receive what is needed. If we find any fault in the result of a healing we may simply have failed to understand the process or results.