Psychic Healing


It´s what allows us to have a healthy mind and body. And from the spiritual point of view, psychic healing allows people to recognize their pure and luminous nature.

The being's pure nature is never contaminated, it is only darkened by the ignorance, and it is for this reason that the psychic healing is possible, and it shouldn't only be an interest of the sick persons, but an objective of the whole humanity.

At the same time psychic healing is also the capacity that has any individual of transmitting healing spiritual energy to another individual.

The healing looks for to reestablish the health there where the illness has originated, and that place is not necessarily the physical place where the ailment has shown.

A psychic healing can alleviate the pain, restore the lost functions and even improve the quality of the chronic patients' life. For that reason, it is highly advisable when a patient arrives to a plateau in his improvement, or he recovers in a smaller measure than what was expected.

The psychic healing is a way to let the past behind and walk toward God, I should say that it is not an alternative medicine itself, but rather a therapy that should be used as a complement of the treatment prescribed by the doctors in each case.


Before anything else it is necessary to clarify what´s the karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means action. Not only physical action, but also thought in action and word in action.

On the other hand the karma is also the law of cause and effect, that is to say that the words, thoughts and actions of our past lives, generate impressions in the causal body, which then are manifested as the karma by which we have to go through in this life (we must also add to it the karmic consequences of what we do in this life)

Talking about the psychic healing, we can say that the illnesses that we suffer in this life, are the karmic consequences of what we did in the past. That is to say that when the karma matures, the illness manifests itself.

We all have a nature that is pure, luminous, and that it is not contaminated by any mental factor, but when the poisons of the attachment and the ignorance, become part of our mind as a karmic consequence, the physical manifestation of the illness takes place.


NO, there are four different causes for the illnesses:

The environment: where all kinds of illnesses transmitting microorganisms exist (that attack us faster when there´s lack of hygiene and stress).

Bad feeding: not well balanced diets, insufficient and inadequate feeding (excess of fat, consumption of red meats, alcohol, excess of fried food, etc.)

Subtle energy: Subtle negative energy that can come from other human beings and from the astral plane.

The karma: although I have highlighted it as the fourth item, the karma is in fact not only a source of illnesses, but a source that contains and causes the three previous causes.

The emotions, the attitudes and the beliefs, can also have a negative effect in the person's health, but the health is ultimately determined by the karma.


If you want a short and direct answer: YES, psychic healing can heal everybody. But this question deserves a special explanation.

If psychic healing can be applied to everybody, does that mean that all terminal sick persons can heal?

YES, the psychic healing can heal even the terminal sick persons. although they might end up dying, since the physical cure of the illness is not always possible.

The first thing that we should understand is that everybody will die in some moment, either for a terminal illness, or for a slide in the bathing tub. Then the objective of the healing is not to avoid a person death. This is outside of the reach of any human being.

The psychic healing embraces a much wider concept than the idea of avoiding the death, the psychic healing goes beyond the idea of life and the death, because in fact it is looked for to heal the mind, to heal what has caused the appearance of the karmic illnesses.

A person can recover from a sickness and not be healed from it, this way the karmic roots of that illness might make it appear again in this same life or in the following one, or they will make the person go through similar pain situations until he learns what the karma intended to teach him.

Psychic healing doesn't require the patient to believe in what the healer believes, neither that he understands what his healer does, reason why it is not a faith cure.


The psychic healing and the medic science work on two different aspects of the human being. The psychic healing looks for to eliminate the karmic causes of the illness, while the medic science look for to eliminate the physical manifestations of the illness.

Then if the doctor prescribes us a medication, it is necessary to take it and to continue in full with the treatment as he prescribed it until the end of the physical manifestation of this illness (if it is possible to achieve it) .

Once we have been able to eliminate the physical manifestations of the illness, we might consider ourselves cured, but this is not necessarily true. If the illness has had a karmic origin, and the person has not received a psychic healing, that same illness or another situation that makes the person go through the same kind of experiences, will show up again.

It is necessary to take appropriately care of the body because it is the temple of our soul, but it is also necessary to be in charge of the person's mind and to look for its psychic healing, until the person becomes an illuminated one. Then and only then it will be able to enjoy the full healing.


The illumination is a state in which the person is able to take contact and conscience of his true spiritual nature, and it is also said that an illuminated person is a person that has wakened up of the dream of his existence or from Maya´s illusion.

An illuminated person is a person that is able to eradicate suffering from his life, although the pain can continue being part of is existence, because the illuminated has interpreted the reality as it really is.


The answer to what is required to heal could not be simpler: what is required to heal is to have a sincere desire to do good, a disinterested desire to do god to someone else.

Once you have the desire to do good, you need to offer yourself to God, so that it uses us as a healing channel.

This is the reason why the healer can not be affected by the sick person´s negative energy, neither he should fear in any way the damage of his own energy, since it is not his own energy the one that he should transmit, he is only acting as a channel for the Divine energy.

Does the healer need to be a saint or a person of superior nature?

I believe that the best answer that can be given is an image: If for a dirty channel runs water, water doesn't care how dirty it is the channel, water will always be water. And while in the physical plane the water can be contaminated, in the spiritual plane the Divine energy is always pure and uncontaminated, and it doesn't care about the purity of the channel that it uses.


Any person that gets consciously and energetically ready can practice healing, because the power to communicate with God and to offer oneself like a tool for the healing of others, it is a helping ability inherent to all human being

It is important to remember that we don't heal with our energy, we are only the channels through which the Divine energy flows, reason why the Divine intervention doesn't conclude when we finish our healing exercise, but rather the healing continues acting on the other person for as much time as God considers it necessary.

In fact all healing exercises should go accompanied by a teaching by which we acknowledge the sick person that we will help him to establish an energetic connection with The Supreme Being, but that he can also request it without our help.