Peter Cincotti On The Moon Jazz Music Cd Review

I can describe the latest release from Jazz sensation Peter Cincotti for you with just one word¦ Outstanding!

Refreshingly, this was one of those CDs I was able to just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

On The Moon has a nicely varied, mix of 12 tracks that are very well written songs by this clearly outstanding artist. With many of the songs displaying a lot of the kind emotion that makes for a really great listen. Seemingly drawing from what I can only imagine are him own real life experiences. At different points touching on the most real emotions like love, heartbreak, pain, failed relationships and unattainable romance. They're all here.

If you're a Peter Cincotti fan, or just a fan of Jazz music this is a CD your collection simply should not be without.

While the entire album is really very good some of my favorites are track 2 - Some Kind Of Wonderful, track 4 - On The Moon, and track 8 - The Girl For Me Tonight

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 10 - I'd Rather Be With You. This is a great track!

On The Moon Release Notes:

Peter Cincotti originally released On The Moon on Sep 14, 2004 on the Concord Jazz label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. St. Louis Blues 2. Some Kind Of Wonderful 3. I Love Paris 4. On The Moon 5. Bali Ha'i 6. He's Watching 7. Raise The Roof 8. Girl For Me Tonight, The 9. You Don't Know Me 10. I'd Rather Be With You 11. Up On The Roof 12. Cherokee