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Online Natural Healing Learning Opportunities   by Renata McGee

in Education / Online Education    (submitted 2010-07-16)

The increasingly popular form of medical care through natural means is having a direct increase on the availability of online learning programs. Natural healing is gaining root because more people are giving their body the chance to heal itself before going into surgery. An online school can provide the means for students to gain an education as a natural healer.

Natural healing encompasses a wide range of practices that are available through online study in natural healing and alternative medicine. Online study options include:


massage therapy



and other practices. Students can find degree programs online starting at the certificate level and ending at the graduate level.

The available online programs vary depending on the field students are pursuing. For example, students pursuing a chiropractic degree can begin studies with an associate's degree and end with a doctor of chiropractic graduate degree. This opportunity teaches students how to manually perform treatment on the musculoskeletal system, which primarily includes the spine. The manipulation of the spine and joints can be learned through a specific chiropractic degree or a holistic degree. Students that can only dedicate two years to online study can earn an associate's degree. Study mainly focuses on the administrative and business duties of chiropractic medicine.

Medical Procedure

Computer Technology


Another popular option is earning an online degree in homeopathy. This field is designed to focus on a patient as a whole. Online courses teach students how to look at a patient through their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. The field is dedicated to being a form of medical treatment that prevents and cures bodily ailments through specific dosages of natural substances. The natural methods of healing come from using traditional herbology and holistic nutrition. Students learn through online training how to incorporate these aspects with patient care. After the root cause of the medical problem is found medicine is prepared and administered.


The Immune System

Plant Healing