Okunevo Myth Or Reality

I first heard about Okunevo summer of 2008. A small village, lost among the taiga bogs in the north of the Omsk region.

Okunevo is located near the district center Muromtseva, 250 miles from Omsk, on a high steep bank of the river Tara.

Some people think this place is the center of the Earth, others - a place of power, the third - an anomaly with a UFO, green men and temporal distortions. Many involve in those places beautiful scenery and the Five Lakes, shrouded in legend and endowed with healing power. Place there, really, beautiful.

... They came too late. In the morning took the car out of repair, drove to work and so far gathered, it was already three o'clock. It would seem - 250 km - about three hours away - we drove six hours. Went to the Pushkin path - there is no road at all.

Even then, it became clear that we were going to the anomaly. Frightening sign reading: "Warning! Black spot ", to appear with alarming regularity. And with each new sign extension area all increased. Trailed 20-40 km per hour at the roadside on the way to go is impossible because of the huge pits.

First impression

In Okunevo drove about nine hours, is already getting dark. At dusk the village seemed dark and mysterious.

Need to look for accommodation. Near one of the houses sat an elderly man. From him we learned that the village has a guesthouse, and just outside the village on the banks of the river, a campground. He lives in Okunevo since 1976 and my question: "Is it true that there are created different unexplainable things?", He smiled and replied: "It depends on how much to drink ..."

And then came over tired, I even looked back and thought: "six hours on the road to a miserable likeness of the road and where I come from? For what? "Even flashed the thought:" What back? "

We drive to the campground: around the pines, there are tents in the distance one can see a river. And when I went to the beach when I saw this place that so many times seen in the photographs on the Internet, I realized - not in vain. Amazingly beautiful and picturesque place.

The evening ended with a dinner on the river bank. Kebab was superb under the stars in the center of the earth.

Day Two: Introduction

In the morning went with my brother to go fishing - he fished, I was photographing. I was luckier. Struck by the absence of birds and a dead silence of the place.

Returning, we met with our neighbors. We were settled in a trailer - it's better than sleeping on the ground. And this was August 28 and nights were already cold.

The second half of the homes occupied by a married couple from the north. Already at the age, and as I understood from a conversation with health problems, they are constantly traveling to places of power.

Having lived in Okunevo week, a woman was delighted with what he saw, from swimming in lakes and the resulting energy from this place. From it we first learned that Okunevo fans celebrate their festivals of different religions. They spend a colorful ceremonies, which gathers a lot of people from all over Russia and even from abroad. We set about trying to see this spectacle. She was named the date of one of the holidays - the beginning of August. Start planning the next vacation ...

She talked a lot about himself, talked about local attractions, which we immediately and go, after finishing breakfast, and after seeing our new friends. This morning they went home.

Tatar ridges

The merger of religion

Tatar ridges located about two kilometers from the village. It is here Rasma feel the energy ...

She arrived from India to look for ancient temple in Siberia. At that time, the perch, a group of archaeologists excavated from Omsk, Omsk, led by Professor University VI Matyuschenko. Then there will be many more expeditions to Okunevo to unravel the mysterious phenomenon.

Geophysics, confirmed the presence of underground anomalies, this place will bring together representatives of different religious beliefs, psychics, parapsychology, UFOlogy and many others. In the village there will various centers and communities. About Okunevo write a lot and even withdraw movies.

But then ... Rasma feel the energy ...

And I would not even know that a year later I'm lucky to make unique photographs in this place, on the ridges. But this separate conversation.

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of many settlements, religious buildings and cemeteries. Parents of our friends live in Bolsherechensky area adjacent to it Muromtsevsky, they were told that once upon a time not far from their villages found an ancient tomb containing the remains of people two meters tall. Commission arrived from Moscow and took everything with him, more about finding no one heard. And it is not too far from Okunevo.

... The natural elevation there are the sign of the sun and the altar of the adherents of Indian religion, set an Orthodox cross, built a chapel. Cross looks old ... and attractive. A wide range of rituals, in the chapel of many icons and various images, which bring with them pilgrims.

And even such an interesting fact: in Okunevo no connection, and with the Tatar ridge you can safely call home, evidence of unusual this place. A year later, I realize that this place ...


At the opposite end of the village, is another energetic place. It's called Tup. Washed at the river Tara, a green valley there are several groups of trees. In the nearest of them trodden circle several meters in diameter. Terms of desires or Witch circle or Tup - who both calls. Many people there feel the energy and see the unexplained phenomena. We walked around and make a wish. They come true? Partially.

I never asked my wife, she to think, I already know it. We have no children and she asked ...

A week after returning ultrasound showed the pregnancy ... joy? A short ...

Two days later - ectopic, a hospital operation.