Nikola Tesla Was He Croatian Or Serbian - Creating Free Electricity Using Nikola Tesla Secrets

Why is there so little written about the greatest electrical genius of all time that invented the AC electric motor, and generator, etc.

He was Serbian, although born in the Austrian Empire. As for the second part of your question, he is not completely forgotten today - in fact a new automobile startup that made one of the first all-electric sports cars is called Tesla Motors, after him.

One reason he is not as celebrated as, say, Albert Einstein, is that he became a "mad scientist" later in life and proposed all sorts of quite far-out inventions. From wikipedia:

"Tesla began to theorize about electricity and magnetism's power to warp, or rather change, space and time and the procedure by which man could forcibly control this power. Near the end of his life, Tesla was fascinated with the idea of light as both a particle and a wave, a fundamental proposition already incorporated into quantum physics. This field of inquiry led to the idea of creating a "wall of light" by manipulating electromagnetic waves in a certain pattern.

This mysterious wall of light would enable time, space, gravity and matter to be altered at will, and engendered an array of Tesla proposals that seem to leap straight out of science fiction, including anti-gravity airships, teleportation, and time travel. The single strangest invention Tesla ever proposed was probably the "thought photography" machine.

He reasoned that a thought formed in the mind created a corresponding image in the retina, and the electrical data of this neural transmission could be read and recorded in a machine. The stored information could then be processed through an artificial optic nerve and played back as visual patterns on a viewscreen.

Another of Tesla's theorized inventions is commonly referred to as Tesla's Flying Machine. Tesla claimed that one of his life goals was to create a flying machine that would run without the use of an airplane engine, wings, ailerons, propellers, or an onboard fuel source. Initially, Tesla pondered about the idea of a flying craft that would fly using an electric motor powered by grounded base stations.

As time progressed, Tesla suggested that perhaps such an aircraft could be run entirely mechanically. The theorized appearance would typically take the form of a cigar or saucer. This fact later enticed UFO conspiracy theorists." He was also eccentric, blasting Thomas Edison after his death and among other things, being obsessed by pigeons and insisting upon staying in hotel rooms with numbers divisible by three.