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Natural Healing With Energy Medicine   by Alecks Perera

in Health / Alternative Medicine    (submitted 2012-12-14)

It is strongly believed that the human body has great healing powers when given the proper care. Anxiety and stress cannot be removed from our daily lives, but we could all try to find some moments within the fast-paced life rhythms, in order to relax both our bodies and mind, promote the body's natural healing process, reduce toxins and set balance back to all the craziness we experience when running around to meet our daily goals.

Energy medicine has taken some steps forward during the last decades and the western world seems to be particularly fond of ancient eastern medicine that focus in spiritual, body and mental healing through energy healing techniques. Although traditional medicine treats symptoms via scientific methods that have been tested in time, energy healing in complementary and alternative medicine comes with whole different approaches, like energy healing. The two philosophies, though, can successfully cooperate and result in patient's well-being and overall health.

It is scientifically proven that everything goes around energy from our thoughts to our mitochondria. Our bodies are surrounded by magnetic energy fields, created by electrical impulses, sent by our body cells. Whenever there is imbalance to this energy, then diseases occur. Energy is imbalanced when we are experiencing stress, any kind of trauma and increased toxin levels within our bodies. Energy healing is held responsible for bringing all energy levels back to normal, releasing the patient from pain, either mental or physical.

There are countless energy healing techniques and theories that can help restore energy, either using hands- on, hands-off or distant healing.

When an energy healer wants to apply healing energy, he uses his hands to send positive and life vital energy to the patient's magnetic field. Others focus on energy meridians like acupuncture while applying some kind of physical force as well. Energy therapy also comes through sweeping and soft motions that aim in bringing balance to the body's magnetic field.

Moreover, there are techniques like Yoga that focus mainly in breathing, meditation, clean living and gentle poses while massage and soft tissue manipulation is also considered a type of energy medicine. In addition, sound can also become a healing method since sound just like energy vibrates at specific speed and can therefore heal any subtle energy pattern.

All techniques of this kind are mainly concerned in bringing the energetic body back to its original state, in order to start a healing process.

Green lifestyle, natural foods and holistic medicine as part of a daily practice are among the best allies to anyone's well-being.