Natural Healing Institute- Teaching Mind Body and Spirit

Find Natural Healing Institute studies in the United States and Canada. While a natural healing institute often provides natural healthcare services to clients and patients alike, students who have enrolled in a natural healing institute discover infinite educational opportunities that are geared toward mind, body and spirit medicine.


In a natural healing institute, the potential exists for individuals to acquire holistic therapies like hypnotherapy, life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). For instance, hypnotherapy courses at a natural healing institute involve training in behavioral hypnosis, dental hypnosis, forensic hypnosis and relative fields of emphasis. Once candidates have completed hypnotherapy training at a natural healing institute, they will be certified to help clients resolve weight issues, quit smoking, and to relieve stress; among other conditions.

If you are intrigued by NLP, you can enroll in an NLP course at a natural healing institute where you will learn how to behave, communicate and think more efficiently. Additionally, students will learn how to gain more control over automatic and neurological functions.


Body therapies offered at a natural healing institute include curriculums in massage therapy, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy and other associated coursework.

If you have "healing hands" and would like to earn a respectable income while providing a valuable natural healthcare service to others, you can enroll in a massage therapy program where you will learn about anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and various bodywork modalities (acupressure, deep tissue, Swedish massage, etc.). Most massage therapy courses at a natural healing institute entail at least 300 training hours, but may exceed well over 1,000 hours.


A natural healing institute also provides spirit-related studies like holistic theology, Reiki, and energy healing practices. If you are interested in becoming a holistic spiritual counselor, a natural healing institute may provide degree programs in holistic theology studies. Or if you are drawn to metaphysics, a natural healing institute will introduce you to studies about angels, parapsychology, holistic healing, mysticism and more.

While there are many mind, body and spirit programs extended through a natural healing institute, prospective students who would like to earn a diploma or degree in any of the aforementioned studies find that these (natural healing institutes) and other holistic schools not only expand professional horizons, but enhance personal growth as well.