Natural Healing Educational Training Options

Holistic healing colleges and universities offer students a wide variety of educational training options. Students can study areas such as natural healing, acupuncture, massage therapy, herbology, and more. The available options provide students with the chance to enter their desired careers within the natural healing industry.

The educational path taken by students will ultimately be determined by their career goals. This factor is important because some areas require more education. Natural healing explores how to diagnose and treat patients using natural methods and remedies. Degree programs can be pursued through educational training options that include:

Natural Healing


Massage Therapy

Chiropractic Care

Training options exist at all levels but not all areas of the field offer every degree level. For example, natural health can be pursued at all degree levels but massage therapy programs offer certificate and associates degree programs.

An overall approach to the industry can be entered through a natural healing degree program. Starting at the bachelor's degree level is highly common. Students learn to provide alternative health care by working with a patient on their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This is a common practice because the industry is based on the belief that health and wellness stems from all parts of a person being in balance. Natural medicine is studied to promote healing in the body without invasive treatment. Reflexology, herbology, acupressure, nutrition, and traditional Chinese medicine are all common areas of study. Bachelors and masters degree programs usually have students choose a particular area of study, which prepares them for specific careers such as health care practitioners, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.

A doctorate degree program in natural healing has students studying herbalism, nutripathy, and naturopathy. Students train to work with patients to help them decide on a course of treatment as an alternative or complementary option to modern medicine. Cancer prevention, iridology, anatomy, relaxation, and advanced nutrition are areas of study inside a doctorate degree program. Students learn to become holistic health practitioners where they use areas such as nutrition and exercise to heal a patient's body. Further education will allow students to enter careers as chiropractors, massage therapists, and more.

Students that pursue natural healing inside a specific program such as acupuncture, focus on treating people with that therapy exclusively. For example, an acupuncture degree program will have students completing the required master's degree level of training. Students study how to heal the body naturally using needles to promote energy flow to targeted areas of the body. Subjects like botanical medicine, activator method, and palpatation prepare students to work in natural healing with clients on a variety of ailments.