Mercedes Benz At The Movies - 5 Comedies That Feature Models

The Mercedes Benz models are not as serious as they are sometimes made out to be in the sophisticated advertisements that feature business executives rushing from corporation to corporation. There is a fun streak to the brand that is often overshadowed by the luxury element. While most models aren't going to be as quirky as some of the other manufacturers operating today, their classic styling can still lend itself well to some joyous occasions. Here is just a small sampling of models appearing in some of the funniest films ever put on the big screen.

The Hangover

What better way to start an epic bachelor weekend then by driving through the California desert into Las Vegas via a '69 Mercedes Benz 280SE convertible? In the cult comedy The Hangover, four friends are given the key to this classic car by the future groom's trusting father. If you hate the idea of a cherry ride getting bashed to bits, then it might be best to skip this film. A night of drunken debauchery results in a tiger attack amongst other madness. Apparently, claw-proof leather has yet to be invented. Lesson learned? Never transport wild animals in a luxury vehicle.

Men in Black II

Part "new hotness" and part super-intelligent spaceship, the E-class W211 featured in the popular alien-based franchise was the real star of the film for auto enthusiasts. In the movie, the controls can be manipulated by mere body language (a wink has never been so powerful), and it manages to save the secret agents on numerous occasions with its many high tech features. It's no coincidence that this model was chosen for the film. Mercedes Benz worked closely with filmmakers for marketing purposes.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Sometimes it seems the Mercedes Benz suffers unfairly in comedies just for being such an enviable car. In the 90s smash hit Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams savagely rips off the hood ornament from a W134 model to spite the owner. To his credit, the car's owner is dating his ex-wife and seemed to have everything he didn't (including the car). It's still unfortunate though that the emblem was vandalized out of malice.


This 1987 cult classic is a parody of the Star Wars franchise. A bratty imitation of Princess Leia is dubbed Princess Vespa, and her rich father bestows upon her a gift of a spaceship supposedly built by Mercedes Benz. It looks like a hovercraft and the vanity license plate reads "SPOIL'D ROTT'N," but that might just as well refer to the car instead of the owner. Several references are made to maintaining the pristine image of the vehicle. Even aliens know a classy car (or spaceship) when they see one.