Khmer Culture The Meeting The Moon (ooc-om-bok)

Perhaps because many different ways to understand the ceremony Ooc-om-bok also known under the name: the moon ceremony, a ceremony to break c?m beautiful ceremony to take water.

There are many different explanations of the origin this ceremony. Most of leaning theory surely called "the moon" is the ceremony to remember to please the moon, the moon is considered a wonder more crops have been people working in quite Author . Others explained the ceremony is based on the origin of a Buddha's business. It is about a bunny have to jump into the fire the same for a regular. The Franciscan is the body of the Sekara. Than get the thrill of moving it should draw on the moon's coney time to remember. Also coney, they are ki?p previous Buddhist Thich Ca. Also an explanation on the basis of other objects are also in the holidays, as well as characteristics of the practice and production activities of the Khmer in the Mekong Delta, where water in summer. There is a great food for special occasions and in celebration Ooc-om-bok is c?m dep. Com dep is a food made from sticky rice. Oct lunar time is on the sticky just nine. They then get on g?t seeds intact shell rang up, the price ( "scan") and run by c?i embellish the wood (so called new "c?m dep"). As close to full, toot Dating scan c?m dep in care of the Khmer cells r?n wine is juicy. To holidays, after the moon is completed, adults will break c?m dep children eat. Break has just asked "I want nothing," of course the child was first taught to answer "This year many children want to be rice and money." Department to move This is because we believe that will thrive in the season. With such a form so-called break c?m ceremony beautiful. In mid-October is lunar time Cuu Long River water withdrawn from the field this phenomenon should be welcomed with a ceremony Ooc-om-bok and also known as a celebration of water taken.

With the concept of space and form as well as the meaning of the ceremony so it can be noticed here is the result of civilization agriculture. Here agriculture is rice, because Khmer people living in geographic areas subject to multiple impacts and depends on nature, especially the flood season, while the production is the only major rice cultivation .

As the ceremony should Ooc-om-bok are probably the main part. But as well as many other popular celebration around the world, on this celebration of the Khmer cells also have two and a ceremony.

Section ceremony are mainly operated around the moon formalities. Also the moon can not yet, at home or a place can see the moon clearly. Before m?c moon, people will be focused at these places to also prepare the site. First, we do a fair bamboo, structure about 3 meters wide, beautifully decorated. Under ports it's a table describing the pets. In addition c?m dep liturgy is required, there are all kinds of other products also coming from agriculture, such as bananas, potatoes of all kinds, fruit, confectionery. . . People sitting ch?p hand facing towards the moon as a ceremony for up.

When the moon over the top, the moon t?a morning, we light incense and pouring the tea as a white Thanksgiving. Boss invocation ceremony will tell gratitude of the cells to the moon, the moon would receive the contract by offering bold and wish well for men with health is plentiful, is the rain, wind to mediation good crops, the prosperity we enjoy is no happiness in the years to come. After all, children are c?m break known as dep. Finally, all the fun for food and they sing dance, play games popular.

Feedback on the chance Ooc-om-bok often attract all three ethnic brothers (Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese) living in the area attended. The center of all attention is the dainty racing wherry - who is simply called "swimming race, very playful and exciting.

Chairs made of a dainty body mail to about 10 m long, similar to wood in that boat. Depending on the large or small that each unit can be transported from 20 to 60 people sitting pool. Ngo a wherry is a swim team, a representative for the Khmer care. Facing each individual uniforms. In addition to the person sitting pool, a wherry ever have a boss and a driver and a person sitting between dánh chieng support of dread. On the racing wherry ngo official air on the river very uproarious. Respiratory get the rhythm of the pool, outcry of control, the sound chieng river surface. On the shore of uninterrupted hours of their viewers. In Kien Giang, Dong Khmer cells often organized racing wherry ngo in large river Cai. There are two locations on the river is usually selected for the organization. This is the area in Tac's Chau Thanh district and district towns Gò gift. Contestant teams wherry ngo completely the Khmer farmers hard-working, naive and athletic. Any winning team not only bring honor to both providers, but the Khmer people believe in it will work conveniently, b?i crop income.