Intuitive Healing - An Innovative Technique for Instant Results

Energy Healing is an alternative path to healing that is growing exponentially in popularity. Still, the whole process can be intimidating to someone who has never tried this before. This article teaches you a simple technique based on Energy Healing that you can use at home to observe your own, unbiased results.

Illness is always associated with the presence of stagnant energy. But our natural state of being is to keep our energy flowing. As such, it really doesn't take much to nudge your body back into energy flow.

Intuitive Healing is a technique I discovered in my work as an Intuitive Counselor. I had been using Energy Healing for many years but the technique I had learned was complicated and hard to teach because it relied heavily on Muscle Response Test (MRT), which can be hard to master for novices.

Contrary to anything else I've seen, this technique does not require a lot of practice or a $500 training seminar! In fact, you can do it right now!

Intuitive Healing: 3 simple steps

Locate the problem - Think about the physical location in your body where the problem is located. If it's a systemic issue, think of the specific symptoms your experience. Take a moment to pay attention to the physical discomfort, the fear, the anxiety. I know this won't feel good but we need to bring the problem up to the surface. Explain to yourself, as you would to someone else, how you truly feel about it. No censorship: Be as whiny, scared and angry as you want to be! You want to be able to connect to the emotions that are triggered when you go to that painful place. Note: If you are familiar with EFT, some people have noticed that they can achieve this step really well by using the Karate chop point to get things going.

Activate your Energy Flow - To stimulate energy flow and get your energy moving again, find the location of your Sixth Chakra, the center of Intuition. This Chakra is located right between your eyebrows. Using your middle finger, start tapping that location for 10 to 30 seconds. Most people feel an instant relief as they do this step. For example, you might feel the need to take a deep breath or feel your shoulders and stomach relax.

Anchor the Healing - Now press your middle finger against that location between your eyebrows, as if you were pressing a doorbell. Hold that pressure and say, out loud: "Instant Healing". This is called an "anchor" and will act as a trigger to move towards healing whenever you use it. Release the pressure and clear your mind.

I strongly recommend that you rest for 24 hours after each Intuitive Healing session. Now that your energy is flowing properly, let your body do its healing work. Go take a warm bath or a nap! Keep in mind that restoring energy flow doesn't mean you'll run the marathon tomorrow. But it does mean that your body is now making progress towards healing.