If the only strange things seen in the sky were a few oddly moving lights at night, or some specks glinting in the sun, there would be no UFO issue. But there have been many close range observations of these strange objects. Often by multiple witnesses and sometimes with radar confirmation. In addition, physical traces of various kinds have been left behind, and witnesses have experienced physical and medical effects.

Supported by declassified documents from the US National Archives, US Navy pilot Cmdr Graham Bethune describes the encounter with a huge 90m (300ft) discoid UFO in 1951 on the way back from a classified mission to Iceland: "We had 31 people [relief crews] on board and a psychiatrist, plus the crew. We all witnessed it" (2.5min):

Some with four-way confirmation: ground visual, ground radar, airborne visual and airborne radar -- as early as 1950s, watch LtCol Brown NPCC 2001 testimony, who worked in the US Air Force's Office of Special Investigations on project Grudge, the precursor to Project Bluebook. Such radar/visual UFO cases include the Washington DC 1952, the Bentwaters England 1956.

10 Apocalyptic Insurance Policies (inspired By Hollywood)

If Hollywood is any kind of accurate predictor of the future “ and I think we all know that it is “ then the century ahead of us will be beset by extreme hardship, unforeseen peril and apocalyptic danger. And maybe some hover cars.

Therefore, as the current glut of apocalyptic and dystopian movies prepares us psychologically, Know Your Money thought it would be a fitting time to take heed of cinema's prophetic teachings and suggest some niche insurance products to help you offset the financial impact of the impending doom.

Alien Insurance

The prevalence of UFO stories disseminated by Mulder & Scully et al during the late 20th century lead to opportunistic US insurers selling alien abduction insurance policies to the public. According to Wikipedia, such providers have actually paid out to successful claimants, although the source's vague assertions waft of ET's excrement.

A New Antimatter Engine Design

PRLLC solid state anti-matter spacecraft design (Credit: Positronics LLC)

A team of scientists is currently working with NASA to develop a new form of space propulsion technology based on positrons. This revolutionary antimatter engine will require only a few milligrams of positrons to send a spaceship to Mars. Facing many hurdles along the way, this is the first time some of the real problems of building a real antimatter engine are being confronted.

Space travel has always been mankind's dream. The 1969 historic moon landing brought the hope that soon we will be able to visit other planets in our solar system, but almost 40 years later this dream is still just that. Reaching Mars will require huge investments in and development of many new technologies. One of the biggest technological hurdles we shall need to surpass is the development of a cost-effective and practical propulsion system for a Mars-bound spaceship. Use of conventional chemical rockets, like the Saturn V that took the Apollo team to the Moon, is not practical since the new spaceship would have to carry too much fuel, making it expensive and complicated to lift into orbit. For this reason, a nuclear-powered engine has been suggested for the Mars mission .

Advantages Versus Disadvantages Of Convertible

It seems like only yesterday whenever your baby son would not eat, walk, talk or do anything independently. That time though the gets to be a toddler and wants their own bed. Baseball beds are a great way winning your young son towards a positive sport always. We've compiled a shortlist of among the best baseball Toddler Bed Railss to consider.Multi vintage baseball bed

The transition out of your crib towards the toddler or big kid bed may be bittersweet for mothers and fathers since you also discover that your baby has been will no longer child. Yes, they may definitely be the, whether or not are a few old or sixty years, but it surely just isn't very much like them being your child that depends solely giving you for everything.Medicine the transition you should state your toddler. Are they really the species of child which you could take their crib away, put a bed as an alternative and provide them sleep in the evening the 1st night easily or is it form of child that must be eased within the new bed? Sometimes you'll need to constructed the fresh bed through the same room and still have them you must do taking naps or simply just allowed them to become accustomed to the fact that oahu is the new area for them to sleep.

Advertise On The Moon

Advertising... All about getting your brand seen, right? So where better to display your brand than the Moon? The Moon isn't officially owned by anyone so the question has often arisen about whether companies could advertise on the Moon. So, is it possible? Well, maybe but will it happen?

Does everyone remember the April Fools pranks in the press about certain companies advertising on the Moon. Some were saying that they were going to use robots to actually draw their logo onto the Moon. Not very likely anyway, especially when it was brought up that the robot would have to draw a logo the size of Texas for it to be visible from Earth. Then there was talk of using lasers to project logos onto the Moon. Is this possible? Who knows... I think not and even if it was, do you really think people of this planet would be happy looking up at our beautiful night sky and seeing a big bright logo.

Alien Life

Since there are over 90 trillion planets in this Universe, trillions of lives on Earth, and even more to be born, why would you think that you are the only intelligent being to have developed. Specie-ism in many cultures; and religious orders extends against other earthly life forms, and others beyond. The making of petty fears of one culture has infected many others.

(Excerpt from the book "The Global Situation")


* On February 28, 1904, there was a sighting by three crew members on the USS Supply 300 miles west of San Francisco, reported by Lt. Frank Schofield, later to become Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Battle Fleet. Schofield wrote of three bright red egg-shaped and circular objects flying in echelon formation that approached beneath the cloud layer, then changed course and "soared" above the clouds, departing directly away from the earth after two to three minutes. The largest had an apparent size of about six suns.

Amaze Your Romantic Which

For anyone all set up on a good bed problem for childbirth or toddler, a good suggestion would be to you could make your youngster your baby bed. Toddler Bed Rails plans are very popular at the moment. However, most parents now (especially parents-to-be) aim for cribs that transform into day beds or Toddler Bed Railss. Among the most viable reasons is practicality.Obviously, it would be a great deal convenient against your budget to shop for a crib which will also accommodate the growing needs of your baby. In any case, your infant would use the crib for less than a couple of weeks. So, it's about time to realize that when childbirth outgrows the bed, precisely what do you expect to still do with that crib?

Angel Figurines Make Lovely Display

One of the most popular ways to inspire and liven up a home's decor is by decorating with an angel figure theme. Many people find this to be a soothing and exhilarating way to express religious faith. Displaying angel figurines throughout one's home is a special symbol of all of these things and more!

For centuries, the guardian angel figure has been a symbol of protection. The legend of a guardian angel dates back to the fifth century. Although angels tend to be mostly tied to Christianity, this seems to not be where guardian angels first appeared. Some say that the concept of the guardian angel originates with pagan Assyrian and Babylonian religious beliefs as far back at 2000 B.C. The Assyrian and Babylonian belief in winged animals containing human heads are said to have gradually transformed into the angel figurine images we know today.

Boots On The Moon Lunacy Run Amuck

Why would we spend an estimated $104 billion (that's billion with a 'B') to go back to a dead world when ours is dying? It seems no one can come up with a compelling reason for NASA to repeat the "been there- done that" Apollo project of the 60's and 70's that President Bush has envisioned. In fact, we have been told by NASA to think of this as "Apollo on steroids.""Yep, this ill advised and uninspired platitude (yawn) is essentially the very same space vehicle architecture of the 60's- only a bit beefier. That says it all. There is really nothing new here. If you want to experience the buzz of this cold war relic anew, I would recommend a great book (at a fraction of the $104 billion that it would cost otherwise) Apollo 11: The NASA Mission Reports by Robert Godwin. It truly is a spectacular book, complete with a double sided CD Rom with lots of raw footage of most aspects of the adventure, allowing you to relive the heady days when we trumped the Commies in the space race and brought us such tangible benefits as Tang- the last time around.

Calming Toddler Bed Railstime Tips

Hence, it is essential that bedding could be cleaned constantly. It will provide your son or daughter a cushty sleep because smell and freshness from the properly washed bed-sheet will instantly get them to sleepy and your kids will soon travel in snooze land. When cleaning your toddlers bed sheet, planning for mothers and fathers to recognise hoe get it done properly. Suggestions to proper cleaning of your own toddler's bedsheets:

You want to pick a Toddler Bed Rails rather then going to a twin bed. Because Toddler Bed Railss are smaller, it's possibly that they feel more safe and secure in a.If you possibly could, allow the chips to help choose their bed. As a result the whole experience more exciting for your children so they may perhaps be more in a position to sleep in the bed right now.If your kid moves around lots too while sleeping, consider purchasing a Toddler Bed Rails with higher sides or pay for some sturdy bedrails make use of for the bed that you try choose.

Carp Ontario Canada – Ottawa

Unofficially boasting the second highest UFO sightings behind Roswell. Home to Canada's largest nuclear bunker! On again, off again, Carp is once again host to the annual Ottawa Air Show! Annual destination for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast. A location for a Tom Clancy movie shoot staring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman.

Intrigued? Well you should be! The Historic Village of Carp has nothing to do with the fish by the same name. The seemingly sleepy rural community sits on the northwestern fringe of the city of Ottawa “ just a bit 'up the valley' as they say in the (Ottawa) Valley. Carp, though a small village and predominantly a farming community, has some of Canada's defined history running through its veins.

A Beginners Guide to Using Natural

The beginners guide to using natural healing methods...the easiest way to heal yourself. Don't think that natural healing is hard or confusing either. It might take a little education, but even after you get done reading this article you will be able to use some form of natural healing.

First of all what are Natural Healing Techniques exactly. They are any one of the following: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Reflexology, Healing Crystals, Homeopathic medicine, Healing Herbs, Home Remedies, and Magnet Therapy and Iridology. There are some other less famous forms of natural healing, but those are the general ways to use alternative cures to heal yourself.

A Tip to Help

As you seek healing, sometimes you seem to have to wait and wait and wait and it just doesn't come. What can you do to help make it happen? Several things, but one of the most important of all is to expect healing.

Expectancy is a key ingredient to healing. If you don't expect healing as you seek to become well, you may not realize healing for the following reasons:

Lack of expectancy and doubt defeat physical healing because they bring fear, worry, depression, and sadness to you. This in turn causes your body chemistry to change in a negative way. The physical and emotional changes you experience when lack of expectancy and doubt are present during an illness usually result in your not eating well, sleeping well, or accomplishing much during the day. There is a tendency of not wanting to do anything but lay around and do nothing all day. Doubt caused by lack of expectancy causes your mind to be filled with the kinds of thoughts:

Alternative Healing Health Alternative Medicine

Alternative Healing’«’« by Joan Schwartz

in Health / Alternative Medicine ’«’« (submitted 2010-11-24)

Metaphysical health and healing is offering opportunities to people all over the world as a way for many to treat sickness with an increase of more diverse health services. Today, people have acquired spiritual healing as an alternative to healing their ailments and a new replacement for medicine, contributing to great success in their lives. The church has played a major role in influencing the practices and recommendations of doctors. Therapists claims that health problems are due to a misalignment and lack of balance in latent natural energy. Emotional, spiritual and physical health have to be balanced and aligned with various practices in enhancing perfect health and providing a new and alternative way to heal. Healing is essential, not only to the body but also the mind and the spirit. Alternative healing heals not only the symptoms but also the core of the illness.

Alternative Healing Courses Leading

Find Alternative Healing Courses in the United States and Canada. Alternative healing courses are quickly becoming an innovative pathway for students who are seeking an education in the healing arts. Today, prospective students can enroll in a number of alternative healing courses; including training programs in holistic health, life coaching, alternative health practitioner; hypnotherapy and massage therapy ± to list just a sampling.

Depending on the alternative healing courses in which candidates choose to participate, students can expect comprehensive lessons in natural healing, and how to apply these natural healing methods and knowledge in both personal and professional lives. Some alternative healing courses may be offered through holistic workshops and other natural health seminars, but in many cases, alternative healing courses are regularly extended through a variety of healing arts schools.

An Alternative Natural Healing

An Alternative Natural Healing Medication’«’« by Bryon Zirker

in Health / Alternative Medicine ’«’« (submitted 2009-10-21)

Expensive medication, wonder drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, etc are capable of giving only temporary relief, but at the back of everyone's mind you are wondering is there a cure for all diseases. Countless researches are ongoing towards the discovery of a drug that cures all illnesses.



According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2008 statistics, the biggest killers in the world today are the non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Communicable diseases are still threats to our body even if their statistics seem to be lower now.

Buddhist Sound Healing

Stay in the moment, go with the flow, let go of attachment.

These are concepts very familiar to all yoga students and spiritual seekers. I like to think this makes us 'now' people, remaining in the present as best we can. Truly... being... present. Sound healing is thousands of years old, and while it has taken many forms it has consistently been about being present within sound. Sound has always been integral to spiritual transformation because it transforms your experience of the moment. As a musician, I have found that concentrating on sound is a simple and effective means to becoming comfortable with my self, regardless of the emotions I may be experiencing. Music offers solace in subtle and mysterious ways beyond any scientific or rational meaning.

Carbon Nanotube Stitches Patch for Post

Carbon Nanotubes have so many unique properties - they are almost perfect material for so many things. Not only are they 50 times stronger than steel, they are also lighter by an extremely wide margin. Did you know that scientists found something out that's very interesting; carbon Nanotubes, and Graphene coatings break their bonds when introduced to certain enzymes in blood, yes the blood in animals and people.

Now then, not long ago, we are talking about this in our Internet style think tank, and I came up with a new innovation, idea, and potential invention in the bioscience and life sciences industry sector. A carbon nanotube patch or carbon nano-tube stitches for Post Surgery wound healing.

Denver Fertility Experts Healing Traditions Swiftly

Denver Fertility Experts Healing Traditions Swiftly Become the Leading Local Clinic’«’« by Seo5Consulting

in Health / Fitness ’«’« (submitted 2011-11-25)

For centuries, medical practitioners have been utilizing the healing power of acupuncture to improve the condition of their patients and promote natural healing within their body. In modern times, clinics around the globe are now practicing acupuncture in combination with the latest medical procedures in order to provide their patients with the advantages offered by traditional techniques combined with the benefits offered by a treatment regimen that follows the best practices of contemporary western medicine. One Denver fertility specialist stands out within this new-age field, and they're now providing patients in the area with access to innovative treatments for a comprehensive array of medical concerns.

Discover the Secrets of Reiki Healing

Discover the Secrets of Reiki Healing System’«’« by Ryoga13

in Health / Alternative Medicine ’«’« (submitted 2012-10-14)

Reiki is definitely an incredible type of natural healing containing mysteriously healed numerous circumstances for example numerous types of severe ailments and disease. You might discover this hard to think at first but you will find also numerous individuals verifying this and medical science is even starting to acknowledge the hidden energy of Reiki which has been kept secret for numerous years.

Reiki is usually a properly know however basic type of "hands on healing" which heals the thoughts, body and spirit with secure vibration power that may be channeled by using a Reiki Masters hands. Reiki is known to function as oldest type of natural healing which is now practiced broadly all over the world with superb healing outcomes. Reiki healing power is Universal Life Force Power and Reiki is created of two Japanese words. The first one is Rei which implies life force power or spirit, and Ki which basically indicates power. The two combined translate as Life Force Power that may be essential for natural healing.

Distant Healing Is An Effective

To understand why distance energy healing is an effective and complementary therapy it is helpful to have background information about human evolution and the physics of the world we live in. This article is long, so if you are not interested in the physics of healing you can skip ahead to another section of interest.

Universal Life Cycle

In late 2011, a trio of scientists discovered that since the big bang happened, the universe is expanding at an increasing pace, not decreasing like previously thought! As long as the expansion is increasing in speed, all life encompassed by the universe is subject to a 'growing force'. When expansion stops, the big life cycle of this universe will be mature, reproduction of the universe will occur and after this, the universe will start to break down and collapse back upon itself in the dying process. This life cycle of birth, growing, maturity, reproduction, decline and death is seen in every life form on earth. Increasing pace means all objects are vibrating faster and are subject to increased vibration each year. This is seen in our sun, which grows hotter and puts out more energy each year. We all know that without the sun nothing would grow, which includes us as we are growing too. When we look at earth's fossil record, we see that life has been subject to this growing force for millions of years and there have been many growth cycles and metamorphosis of new species over time.