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Healing Traditions Treating Denver Athletes With Unique Approach To Sports Medicine   by Seo5 Consulting

in Health / Medicine    (submitted 2011-12-30)

There is no end of medical studies that prove a strict diet and daily exercise are the leading factors behind living a healthy life. There is group of individuals that understand this more than any other √Ę‚ā¨" athletes. Those who participate in sporting activities on a regular basis understand that in order to give your all, your body has to be in optimal condition. That's why many sports enthusiasts are searching for new approaches to improving their overall fitness and performance. A specialist within the field of sports medicine is Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine and Wellness. This is one clinic which stands out for their ability to combine Western functional medicine with eastern medicine techniques such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, to support their patients' healthy and adventurous lifestyles.

Known for their abilities to resolve orthopedic and sports-related issues, Healing Traditions is one of Denver's leading acupuncture clinics. The goal of this industry-recognized team is to help each patient that walks through their doors by providing high quality, holistic health care that improves their quality of life and well-being. And for those who participate in sports on a regular basis, resolving their musculoskeletal injuries and other sports-related complaints is one of the keys to helping them get back that sense of vitality, with which they once tackled every day life. That's why the team at Healing Traditions make sports injury treatment one of their leading clinical priorities.

Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine and Wellness helps athletes to revive their sporting lifestyles by meeting their needs in specific core treatment areas √Ę‚ā¨" pain management and injury recovery, performance enhancement, dietary and nutritional counselling, and collagen supplementation for joint health.

In terms of pain management, Healing Traditions will help patients by directly addressing muscle and connective tissue through a treatment regimen utilizing acupuncture modalities, motor point therapy and trigger point therapy. This treatment regimen, when combined with an Asian body-work style treatment named Tui Na, helps to release and address sore, injured muscle and connective tissue.

Within the area of sports medicine, Healing Traditions is industry renowned for helping athletes get back to optimum performance. They utilize an innovative treatment approach, which takes advantage of the Western methods of orthopedic assessments such as Range of Motion and Manual Muscle Testing, as well as bloodwork analysis, to assign a functional medicine protocol. These Western methods of assessing the body help pave the way to allow a more targeted approach to treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. By taking advantage of these testing methods the practitioner can differentiate the patient's injury from other types of injury that may present with the same conditions. Healing Traditions is one of the few clinics within the state of Colorado to combine Western testing protocols with proven ancient remedies, and it for this reason that their patient numbers have increased dramatically in recent years in line with the move towards a more a holistic idea of sporting injury treatment.

Your active lifestyle is a part of you. Get back to feeling at the top of your game today by contacting the team at Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine and Wellness, and booking your preliminary examination.

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