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Green tea natural healing for the body   by Karen Graham

in Health / Supplements and Vitamins    (submitted 2009-03-21)

Green tea natural healing for the body is a relatively new discovery for us in the western hemisphere compared to our eastern friends. Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and unlike black tea the leaves are not fermented therefore it has greater benefits than black tea.

Over the years scientists have been researching the properties of green tea and how they work within the body. Different body systems such as the digestive system, integumentary system, and others have all been researched and the findings are looking very positive indeed.

How Green Tea Extract Works with the Skin

One of the ways that green tea natural healing for the body comes about is through the polyphenol, EGCG working with the skin cells to prevent them from becoming damaged by UV radiation and other elements, thus preventing the onset of skin cancer.

How Green Tea Works With the Digestive System

Green tea has many roles to play in the digestive system from protection to weight management. EGCG is such a powerful chemical compound that it reduces the risk of stomach cancer by 50%, which I'm sure you'll agree is a massive figure. It also reduces oesophageal cancer by 6% and plays an important part in protection against prostate, gastric and colon cancers.

As far as weight loss is concerned green tea is able to increase the number of calories that you burn in your body and increase fat metabolism to help you get rid of those extra pounds that tend to lie around the stomach or hips.

Taking Green Tea Regularly

A regular intake of green tea extract is important in providing your body with the protection that I have talked about.

Last year was the first time that I had taken green tea in a supplement form as I was not into taking supplements before then. The reason I changed my mind about trying this supplements was because of the immense number of natural life enhancing nutrients that were in them. There are over 70 that include resveratrol, ginko biloba, aloe vera, curcumin and a host of others that all have the potential to heal and protect the body.

I have never looked back since I started taking them and I find that I now have more energy than a used to have. Having this kind of protection is just amazing as it gives you great peace of mind knowing that you have done all that you can to keep young and healthy.

Green tea natural healing works and taking it as a combined supplement works even better especially if it is like mine that has a special enteric coating to make sure that none of the goodness is lost in the stomach but that it is able to deliver them straight to the small intestines where they can be properly absorbed and delivered to the area in the body where they are most needed.