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Facts About Psychic Healing and the Spiritual Psychic   by Bella Starr

in Health / Wellness    (submitted 2011-05-28)

The connection between Psychic Healing and the Spiritual Psychic is very important when one desires a healing. Psychic healing is a powerful form of energy healing and provides a simple way to heal yourself by using the Spiritual Divine energy of the higher source, and is also referred to as spiritual healing or energy healing. Healing can come about using a number of techniques including Psychic healing performed by a spiritual psychic or traditional methods such as consultation with your Doctor.

More and more people are now looking for alternative methods to heal themselves with a more natural healing methods. They are developing a greater spiritual awareness and becoming spiritually aligned and looking for methods of natural healing without the need for drugs and perhaps surgery.

Spiritual Psychic healing methods require a technique which aligns the soul with vibrational energy, which heals and re-aligns the subtle energy centres of the body including the Chakras. This allows the body to heal itself. This can achieved by psychics and healers who have advanced abilities to using this energy, as they are using their psychic abilities on a daily basis.

More and more people are turning to Psychic healing methods to heal themselves and are totally convinced that this is possible and many have experienced or seen amazing results.

For many years Medical Boards and Associations have rejected this claim as there has not been adequate testing carried regarding these claims. Now as more people are healing themselves on a daily basis the medical boards in many countries are now agreeing that there is something in these claims and are agreeing to investigate these theories with proper scientific testing. Some hospitals are now allowing Spiritually based energy healing therapies such as Reiki, Aromatherapy and Reflexology to be used as a part of a patients health plan

How Does Spiritual Psychic Healing Work?

Psychic Healing uses pure vibrational energy to connect to the Divine energy. The practitioner will align themselves prior to a session by prayer, meditation, tai chi, chants or what ever methods they choose to use. During this process they connect their energy with God or the Divine or what ever beliefs they have so they have an open channel to begin the psychic healing session. This is something anyone can learn to do although for most people it does take time and practice.

Following this the healer will commence the session for the person who wishes to be healed. The healer will ask for the higher source to heal this person for their highest good and also request a healing for specific ailments as well. Healing's can be performed physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.

Psychic healing along with any other form of energy therapies has been reported to have effected a healing of minor and more serious conditions such as cancer and the disappearance of tumors. Medical science is now beginning to realize the healing power of healers and the incredible power of the mind.

A psychic healer will allow themselves to connect with their higher self and the spirit realm and perform a psychic healing for a client although a healer should never claim to be able to heal or cure any ailment or disease as this is irresponsible, although they can place their faith in the connection and request for a healing.

The success of this process is highly connected to the level of experience, honor, integrity and ability to work with energy and the Divine source, the faith and intentions they have in this healing process along with the clients blueprint for their life journey.

It is not the psychic healer who heals ailments and conditions it's in God's hands who receives a healing, although a spiritually gifted healer can greatly assist in creating a connection and requesting a healing on behalf of another.

There are many people who believe the powers of Divine Healing and on the other hand there are people who disbelieve. The choice to heal yourself is totally yours. If you feel open to trying psychic healing to assist you will be pleasantly surprise how beautiful and relaxing this whole process is.

How Can I Get Spiritual Psychic Healing?

This can be performed face to face although it is possible to receive a psychic healing by distance healing methods. Meaning a psychic who performs healing can tap into your energy field and send a healing to you even if you live on the other side of the world.

Before paying for such services always check their credentials and spiritual awareness of the psychic healer, and make sure you are working with someone who is truly psychic and has a high level of integrity. Healing issues of the soul is very powerful when performed by a gifted Soul Healer.

Important Advice on Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing is in not a substitute for professional medical advice, care or treatment by a qualified medical Doctor. If you feel unwell always consult your Doctor for professional diagnosis and follow the treatment plan given and notify your Doctor if you are using any alternative therapies. Only a qualified Licensed Medical Doctor can legally practice medicine.

Psychic healing can be used to complement traditional medicine although a psychic healer should never guarantee any specific outcomes or results as no one can promise a specific healing regardless of whether they are a Doctor or performing Psychic healing.