Carbon Nanotube Stitches Patch for Post Surgery Wound Healing

Carbon Nanotubes have so many unique properties - they are almost perfect material for so many things. Not only are they 50 times stronger than steel, they are also lighter by an extremely wide margin. Did you know that scientists found something out that's very interesting; carbon Nanotubes, and Graphene coatings break their bonds when introduced to certain enzymes in blood, yes the blood in animals and people.

Now then, not long ago, we are talking about this in our Internet style think tank, and I came up with a new innovation, idea, and potential invention in the bioscience and life sciences industry sector. A carbon nanotube patch or carbon nano-tube stitches for Post Surgery wound healing.

You see, Carbon Nano Tubes are decayed by enzymes in blood, and that includes members of the human species or other Earth species with blood, so it is perfect for veterinarians or hospital surgeons. How would this work you ask? Well let me explain it to you;

The carbon nanotube stitches would be shaped like a spring, and you would place a device over the wound pressing the flesh together, and trying to align the skin. Next you would turn on the device, and it would spin this spring forward along the wound, as the front of the spring makes a path for the rest of the spring as it would whirl and twirl itself along and close up the wound.