Angel Figurines Make Lovely Display Pieces To Invoke Inspiration And Hope

One of the most popular ways to inspire and liven up a home's decor is by decorating with an angel figure theme. Many people find this to be a soothing and exhilarating way to express religious faith. Displaying angel figurines throughout one's home is a special symbol of all of these things and more!

For centuries, the guardian angel figure has been a symbol of protection. The legend of a guardian angel dates back to the fifth century. Although angels tend to be mostly tied to Christianity, this seems to not be where guardian angels first appeared. Some say that the concept of the guardian angel originates with pagan Assyrian and Babylonian religious beliefs as far back at 2000 B.C. The Assyrian and Babylonian belief in winged animals containing human heads are said to have gradually transformed into the angel figurine images we know today.

However, many more people think that the angel figure in human form along with the actual guardian angel concept may have originated from a Jewish belief because of reference to them in the New Testament. Jewish/Christian origination is the most widespread and accepted angel story. Angels have also appeared in Islamic stories.

Images of angelic winged figures have also appeared in Ancient Greek Mythology stories as well. Some people think the Ancient Greeks began the concept of the angel.

Who is right? Nowadays, regardless of what is true, most people credit the concept of angels to Westernized Christian societies. Indeed, guardian angels are the most commonly believed paranormal phenomena in the modern Western world. The belief in guardian angels far surpasses that of ghosts, UFOs, and other common supernatural beliefs held in the Western world. Thus, angel figurines are a special, widely used symbol to express this belief in the guardian angel concept in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

According to the Western legend, each guardian angel chooses one person to protect. The guardian angel is supposedly only assigned to this one person.

In addition to angel figurine items, guardian angels and angels in general have popped up in the media and in the movies. Angels are becoming a very popular and increasingly accepted idea. Many people look at angels as a way to aid in explaining the unexplainable. Angels are comforting and peaceful representations of the mystery and miracles that life has in store for us.