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Alternative Healing   by Joan Schwartz

in Health / Alternative Medicine    (submitted 2010-11-24)

Metaphysical health and healing is offering opportunities to people all over the world as a way for many to treat sickness with an increase of more diverse health services. Today, people have acquired spiritual healing as an alternative to healing their ailments and a new replacement for medicine, contributing to great success in their lives. The church has played a major role in influencing the practices and recommendations of doctors. Therapists claims that health problems are due to a misalignment and lack of balance in latent natural energy. Emotional, spiritual and physical health have to be balanced and aligned with various practices in enhancing perfect health and providing a new and alternative way to heal. Healing is essential, not only to the body but also the mind and the spirit. Alternative healing heals not only the symptoms but also the core of the illness.

Today, there are a variety of alternative healing products and information on chakra points, angels, and crystals with healing jewelry used to balance the chakras. Crystal healing is healing with light and colors. The personal soul, body and mind are healed with this variety of alternative healing. Healthy soul energy is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information on the internet. Metaphysical health and healing consists of crystals and meditation with therapies such as aroma, polarity and massage therapies. Healing with sound, color and biofeedback promotes body relaxation, enhancing the creativity and intuition of the person.

Healing with sounds enables the organs of the body to perform perfectly, as they have an attached corresponding vibration which penetrates the persons psych and aligns the energies in the human body system. Color healing is a method of placing the colors into an occult system corresponding to the area that has the sickness, with recommendations of eating food that has healing colors. The healing patient is encouraged to wear clothes that match the healing color to enhance the healing process and the recovery process. A bunch of flowers enables the sufferer to overcome fear, worry and depression and helps with the disappearance of the physical illness. Biofeedback enhances the consciousness of the mind, providing an integration of the mind and body and creating a new sense of awareness. It also allows one to control eye movement and the muscular system, cooling down the brain waves and balancing the energy in the body.

Therapies have been widely used as healing alternatives, with massage and polarity therapy balancing the energy in the body. Polarity massage balances the energy polarities with a gentle massage. Thought and attitude, exercise and diet are very important as many therapists believe that many sicknesses begin from the mind and emotions. The reading of auras is believed to be a central field of the body energy giving the body the shape. The difference in colors shows the nature of a person's health, attitude and consciousness, and the aura shows the person's sickness before it physically manifests. Through meditation, yoga and deep breathing, a person can handle the illness more effectively.

IHD's founder has 30+ years of research, education, study, experiences, and development which has all been culminated into the final refined Integrated Healing Method. IHD is ready to share it with you for the benefit of all.

We have a great appreciation for the newly developing field of medical intuition. We feel strongly that we can heal ourselves and our families from many of the illness that we are suffering today, especially our environmental issues. We are certain that both the medical doctors and the alternative healing modalities can work together and not against each other in healing the illnesses of humanity, physically and emotionally and spiritually.