Advertise On The Moon

Advertising... All about getting your brand seen, right? So where better to display your brand than the Moon? The Moon isn't officially owned by anyone so the question has often arisen about whether companies could advertise on the Moon. So, is it possible? Well, maybe but will it happen?

Does everyone remember the April Fools pranks in the press about certain companies advertising on the Moon. Some were saying that they were going to use robots to actually draw their logo onto the Moon. Not very likely anyway, especially when it was brought up that the robot would have to draw a logo the size of Texas for it to be visible from Earth. Then there was talk of using lasers to project logos onto the Moon. Is this possible? Who knows... I think not and even if it was, do you really think people of this planet would be happy looking up at our beautiful night sky and seeing a big bright logo.

What did make me laugh though, was the reaction of many people to these stories. It's worth having a look at some of them for a laugh. I just found it funny seeing the date and then a long list of angry, ranting replies below. But I suppose we've all been gullible during at least one April 1st... haven't we???

By: Martin C Reid